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It’s 2019, How About an Update?

And with the school year already in full swing, we wanted to update our fans about what’s been going on with BeInstrumental before the chaos truly begins!

DID YOU KNOW that 2019-20 will celebrate BeInstrumental’s 10th year supporting music education?  It’s amazing to think it, but it’s true!  And in these ten years, BeInstrumental has brought the musical experience to nearly 2,000 children in our region.  We wouldn’t be doing all of this without the generous support of our community – so THANK YOU, COMMUNITY!  And we look forward to our next decade of service!

DID YOU KNOW that, thanks to our incredible donors, we have an instrument bank of over 275 music instruments?  This year, we have already lent 52 instruments away to schools and families this year, including one Music Therapy student at the College of Wooster– THE NEED IS REAL – and it’s why BeInstrumental is here:  to give kids the opportunity to experience music.

DID YOU KNOW that BeInstrumental has formed an incredible partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs?  We began working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Toledo, in conjunction with the University of Toledo School of Visual and Performing Arts, two years ago to provide their members with a music experience.  And what an experience!!  Through our great musical mentor, John Cleveland, the Boys and Girls Club members have not only been able to learn songs on multiple instruments, but have also been introduced to all kinds of opportunities the music offers.  And by working with the University of Toledo, music education majors also get to experience teaching to a great set of kids.  It’s a win-win-win situation!

Using the successful collaborative model we established with BGCT and the University of Toledo, early last year, we approached the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan and Eastern Michigan University with the same concept – and they loved it!!  We launched two successful music programs in Detroit and Romulus, (keyboard and guitar) and we are looking to expand our music programming throughout the rest of Southeast Michigan.  We especially wanted to thank the leadership of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan for allowing us to join forces as they REMAGINE the next 90 years of Boys and Girls Clubs in the Detroit area.

It is because of these great community partnerships that we are able to continue to provide tremendous music experiences to our children – and with them, we look forward to broadening our reach in 2020 and beyond.

BeInstrumental Music Mentor, John Cleveland, and Board Members, Megan Rhodes and Shaun Strong, enjoying the opportunity to experience music with the Boys and Girls Club of Toledo.
DID YOU KNOW that each year, BeInstrumental sets aside a certain amount of funds designated for music scholarships?  Through a great partnership with the Children’s Choir of Northwest Ohio, we have been able to offer $500 worth of scholarships and we are excited that they are being put to great use.  Each year, we are growing our scholarship bank – and if you’d like a scholarship, we ask that your child writes a letter to us about what music means to them and how a scholarship from BeInstrumental would help them grow.  The more letters we receive, the better!
One of the essays that we received from the Childrens’ Choir of Northwest Ohio.
DID YOU KNOW that recently, BeInstrumental’s Board of Directors held our 10th Annual Meeting to determine our Executive Cabinet for 2019-2020, or as we like to call it, our Top Brass!

The lucky ones to be installed this year are:

President: Jeff Green
Vice President:  Michael Weatherford
Treasurer:  Lily Young
Secretary: Laurel Rosen-Weatherford

Congratulations to those elected – BeInstrumental is in great hands!

During our Annual Meeting, the Board also voted to formally create the following Committees to help run the organization.  Governance, Programs, Finance and Development – and we are looking for community volunteers who would like to join one of these committees.  Each committee meets monthly.  If you’d like more information, please send a note to



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